PFERDSHOP: Answers to frequently asked questions

Find answers to all of the most commonly asked questions about our distributor portal below. If you have additional questions, we would be happy to help!

Call +1 (800) 342-9015 or mail info.us@pferd.com.

Registration and login

How can I register?
How do I log in to my PFERDSHOP account?
What do I do if I cannot remember my password?
How many users from my company can register?
Can I order products from PFERD without logging in?

Orders and deliveries

How can I see stock availaibility?
How can I reorder an item?
Why can I not find a particular item in the PFERDSHOP?
Can I provide a different delivery address when placing an order?
Where can I check my order status?
How can I track my order?
How can I order a custom-made product?
Can I access my order confirmation/invoice again?
How can I change or cancel my order?
How can I order spare parts for PFERD power tools?
How can I request a quote?
My item has been on back order for longer than was stated on the order confirmation. Where can I find out more information?
Where can I see my own prices from PFERD?
I have registered in the PFERDSHOP. But my unique prices are not shown. Why is this?


How do I pay for my order in the PFERDSHOP?
How do I redeem a promo code?
What should I do if my promo code does not work?

Services and features

Can I also find and order products using my own individual customer part number?
I would like a consultation. Who can I speak to?
I maintain my PFERD part list in an Excel document. Can I use it to place orders in the PFERDSHOP?
Can I scan the EAN code on my PFERD product to access more further information?
How can I find the best product for my customer’s application?
How can I calculate fits and tolerances?
How can I calculate the ideal rotational speed?

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