Purchasing at PFERD

Our goal at our eight production facilities worldwide is to ensure that our tools are manufactured to the highest quality. The use of high-grade resources and materials – in addition to the adherence to ecological, ethical and safety principles – forms the basis of our purchasing policy.

We strive to achieve long-term partnership based cooperation with our suppliers. Alongside absolute quality consistency, reliable delivery service and certification to DIN ISO 9001, we have compiled a list of important requirements and provisions for you here, which form the basis for our cooperation. You can find here all the key documents to ensure trust based cooperation with PFERD here.

The products which we order from you must always satisfy the legal conditions of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union.


All the key documents to ensure trust-based cooperation with PFERD

Negative list

PFERD does not accept all substances as a result of quality and statutory requirements. Here you can find a list of the substances whose use is ruled out by PFERD.


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