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Principles for trust based cooperation with PFERD

As a premium manufacturer of tools for work on surfaces and for cutting materials, PFERD’s purchasing policy is based on defined principles, which are designed to guarantee optimum trust based cooperation with its suppliers and business partners.

PFERD suppliers are characterized by


  • Excellent quality awareness
  • Use of high-quality, state of the art production facilities


  • Guarantee of reliable supply
  • Responsible conduct along the entire value chain


  • Short response time if conditions change
  • Consideration of the specifics of working with a globally operating company such as PFERD


  • High level of innovativeness and continuous development
  • Development of innovative solution options in partnership

How do I become a PFERD supplier?

  • Go to Download area
  • Complete the Supplier self-disclosure
  • Send the documents to the PFERD purchasing department by mail
  • PFERD reviews the information internally
  • If necessary, PFERD will contact you

The following product groups provide an example selection of our purchasing range

  • Additives and solvents
  • Labels and packaging
  • Consumables and operating materials
  • Resins
  • Plastic parts
  • Abrasive grain
  • Steel
  • ...

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