Biocidal products and treated goods

Before a delivery, please inform us if the products/materials you are supplying to us contain biocidal agents or have been treated using them. If so, please specify which exact biocidal agents are involved and which products are affected.

Otherwise, we shall assume that no biocidal agents are present in your products/materials.

On 1st September 2013, the new (EU) Biocidal Products Regulation no. 528/2012 superseded the previous regulation 98/8/EC.

The new regulation facilitates new approval procedures, for example union authorization or the approval of product families. A simplified procedure is in place for products with a favourable environmental and health profile. Furthermore, goods treated with biocidal products are now also recorded alongside the biocidal products themselves. In addition to new labelling regulations, these goods may only contain agents which are marketable within the European Union. The new regulation also regulates the use of agents produced “in situ” (e.g. ozone). The change to the legal framework results in new requirements for application documents. Furthermore, there are reforms to the formal requirements for the approval of biocidal products, including in terms of the deadlines and formats for submission.

Important dates

  • September 2013
    The (EU) regulation no. 528/2012 supersedes directive 98/8/EC.
  • September 2015
    Biocidal products may now only contain agents from companies which are included in a positive list published by the ECHA.
  • Up to 01 September 2017
    Approval applications for biocidal products produced in situ that are not covered by directive 98/8/EC.

Biocidal products are…

Products which counteract harmful organisms with their chemical or biological properties or prevent damage caused by harmful organisms. Biocides have a wide range of applications. The associated product types are listed in Appendix V of the Biocidal Products Regulation.

There are four major groups with a total of 22 product types

  • Disinfectants
    (For example products used to disinfect surfaces or drinking water)
  • Preservatives
    (For example wood preservatives, preservatives for coatings or construction materials, in-can preservatives)
  • Pest control agents
    (For example insecticides, rodenticides or repellents and attractants)
  • Other biocidal products
    (For example antifouling on water-borne vehicles)

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