Composite brushes

Composite brushes are ideal for tasks requiring aggressive brushing action. The FLEX type composite brush is more flexible due to its longer trim length on wheel brushes and the special arrangement of the filament on disc brushes, and it is perfect for working on irregular surfaces.

For the best results, collaborative review of the application should be coordinated with a PFERD expert and the right brush must be selected. PFERD offers a wide range of products for the countless applications. Our experienced sales representatives and technical advisers are happy to help or visit you.


  • Long brush life and aggressive brushing action due to a very high filament density.
  • Extremely smooth operation due to even distribution of the filament material.

Filament material

Abrasive grains are embedded in flexible nylon filaments, which means that the filament works on the sides as well as at the tip.

  • Silicon carbide (SiC): Ideal for deburring work and for improving surfaces..
  • Ceramic oxide grain (CO): Offers good toughness and excellent sharpness. For high stock removal and aggressive brushing action behaviour.
  • Round filament: for applications that require a more flexible brush.
  • Rectangular filament (REC): for applications that require a more aggressive brush.


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