Custom solutions for diamond and CBN tools

Customer-specific products made to order.

PFERD specializes in consulting for and the production of customer-specific electroplated diamond and CBN tools. Almost all tool blank geometries can be coated with various grit sizes. The electroplated bond also enables economic production of small batch sizes. Thanks to their outstanding tool life and long-lasting dimensional stability, electroplated diamond tools have become indispensable in many fields of application. They optimize processes and costs for the long term, particularly when working on grey and nodular cast iron. Because of the diverse possibilities, our production can respond to individual customer requirements with a high degree of flexibility. Our technical advisers will be happy to visit you on-site to develop individual tool solutions for your applications.

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  • 1. Process analysis and tool development
  • 2. Production
    Three production options are available:
    • Turnkey delivery
      From design and construction, through manufacture of the tool blank (steel, stainless steel or brass) and its coating with diamond or CBN grit, to the balancing of the finished tool, PFERD offers you all the production steps from a single source. This guarantees you the highest level of quality, flexibility and on-time delivery.
    • Coating
      Steel, stainless steel or brass blanks provided by the customer can also be coated with diamond or CBN grit. Close cooperation at an early stage is recommended.
    • Recoating
      PFERD offers recoating of blunt tools with steel or stainless steel blanks as an economical alternative to the turnkey delivery option. Tools with brass blanks cannot be recoated.
  • 3. Use
    • Our flexible production and global logistics network ensure that you receive your new tool on time. If desired, your personal sales representative and a technical adviser will set up all the process parameters together with you.

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Bespoke solutions designed specifically for work on cast iron

Advantages for work on cast iron:

When working on grey and nodular cast iron, electroplated diamond tools offer a range of advantages that make the fettling process more cost-efficient:

  • The outstanding tool life means fewer tool changes and lower set-up costs.
  • Lower wage costs thanks to the fast, aggressive grinding with maximum stock removal rate.
  • Ideal machining of deep areas because of the constant tool diameter.
  • Easy and quick elimination of metal contamination thanks to diamond as a super-hard abrasive.
  • Low dust load due to the dimensional stability of the grinding tool (no tool wear).
  • Lower vibration load due to the tool’s dimensional stability (no imbalance)
  • Reduce the hassle and cost of dressing work as the tool geometry remains constant.
  • Ease the burden on the user as a lower contact pressure can be used.

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