Bench grinding wheels


PFERD offers a very wide range of high-quality bench grinding wheels for work on a large variety of materials. Bench grinding wheels are very well-suited to deburring, work on edges and sharpening tools. The bench grinding wheels are available with different dimensions, grains and abrasives. The PFERD range has been adapted to the standard bench grinders on the market.


  • Long tool life.
  • High dimensional stability.
  • High abrasive performance.
  • Integrated adapter sleeves for mounting on almost any bench grinder spindle.

The range includes Universal, Carbide and HSS bench grinding wheels.

1 / 3
1 / 3
Universal – materials: stainless steel (INOX), cast iron, steel
2 / 3
2 / 3
Carbide – materials: hardened, heat-treated steels over 1,200 N/mm2 (< 38 HRC), glass, tungsten carbide, steel materials with a hardness > 54 HRC
3 / 3
3 / 3
HSS – materials: case-hardened steels, hardened, heat-treated steels over 1,200 N/mm2 (< 38 HRC), tool steels

Application tips:

  • Before using the tool for the first time, we recommend dressing it to ensure perfect concentricity.
  • Dressing the wheel on a regular basis exposes sharp grain and maintains an even grinding area. PFERD has the ideal tool for this: Dressing tools from PFERD
  • Constantly adjust the workpiece support to the grinding disc diameter (gap width max. 3 mm).
  • Use bench grinding wheels on a suitable bench grinder.
  • Before clamping, the grinding tool must be ring tested to make sure that it does not have any cracks (undamaged grinding tools give a clear tone).

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