VICTOGRAIN® - The high-performance abrasive grain

No surface is safe.

VICTOGRAIN® abrasive material is used to make some of the most effective grinding products in the world. PFERD’s triangular, precision-formed grain achieves ultimate performance.

The VICTOGRAIN® abrasive grain triangles are identical in shape and size and their cutting edges are applied to the workpiece at the optimum angle, meaning the grain needs very little energy to penetrate the workpiece.

As a result, the user experiences superior productivity due to

  • extremely high stock removal,
  • a long service life,
  • and reduced heat build-up in the workpiece.


  • Levelling
  • Deburring
  • Surface work
  • Work on edges
  • Work on weld seams

Compatible power tools:

  • Angle grinders
  • Cordless angle grinders
  • Flexible shaft drives
  • Belt grinder

Each VICTOGRAIN® abrasive grain triangle is firmly fixed on one of its sides to the backing material. Due to the slim design, VICTOGRAIN® offers an extremely large chip space for maximum cutting efficiency.

The structure of the triangular VICTOGRAIN® is specially engineered to maximize results. The very fine crystalline structure ensures optimal wear characteristics as sharp cutting edges are always exposed, with the minimum amount of abrasive breaking off from the triangle.

By combining all these properties together, users benefit from optimal, consistent performance, cool grinding and an extremely long service life with uniform workpiece surface roughness.



The VICTOGRAIN products

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