Global tool specialists for the aerospace and gas turbine industry

In the aerospace and gas turbine industries perfection and maximum safety are absolutely crucial. Quality and durability are the key requirements – with no compromise and for every individual component.

For this reason, PFERD has set up an experienced AEROSPACE team with more than 20 years of experience working to the strict tool requirements in the aerospace industry. The key account management team is focused on solving problems, affordability, process optimisation and ergonomics.

The team operates globally, with effective networking and regular communication to expand their knowledge and experience. Our key account managers will be happy to advise you on site.

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Our service – High tech solutions and innovations for integrated processes

PFERD offers one of the most diverse product ranges of tools for manufacture and maintenance (MRO) of civilian and military aircraft, engines, gas turbines and their components.

It includes high performance tools for a range of applications – from cutting, grinding, milling and deburring to filing and brushing through to polishing, cleaning and creating a defined surface finish. All PFERD tools meet the stringent requirements for the materials to be worked.

In addition, specialist tool versions are developed in conjunction with the aviation and gas turbine industry for specific, usually very challenging applications.

Example applications for AEROSPACE and aviation industry

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Weld dressing for radii on inner edges with POLICAP abrasive caps, A, CO-COOL and SiC-COOL versions.
2 / 9
Work on surfaces of a diffusor with POLINOX PNST grinding star and conical tungsten carbide burr with radius end.
3 / 9
Surface finishing of a diffuser with a conical tungsten carbide burrs with radius end.
4 / 9
TOUGH grinding points are especially well suited for weld dressing on repair welds and for reworking turbine blades during aircraft maintenance.
5 / 9
Cleaning and machining of slots with diamond grinding points.
6 / 9
Deburring work on a rotor with SiC version wheel brush.
7 / 9
Work on various surfaces with CO-COOL ceramic oxide grain COMBIDISC abrasive discs.
8 / 9
Machining with custom manufactured tungsten carbide burrs.
9 / 9
Removing coatings with COMBIDISC diamond abrasive discs.

Here for you – PFERD customised solutions to meet your needs

As a tool manufacturer with over 200 years of experience, PFERD can call on comprehensive expertise in the manufacture of tool solutions. To meet the required standards in the demanding aerospace industry, PFERD is constantly working on updating its product range and developing innovative specialist solutions.

Our experts focus on developing solutions for your specific applications and producing high performance PFERD quality tools that perfectly meet your requirements. PFERD proves its capabilities as an innovative problem-solver on a daily basis.

Arrange an informal meeting where our key account manager can work with you to uncover your personal potential savings.

Increase your productivity, reduce your process costs and achieve maximum efficiency – with PFERD by your side.

Examples of PFERD tools according to customer requirements



PFERD also offers you material-specific solutions

When it comes to the question of which tools can be used for working on lightweight materials, aluminium, titanium, nickel-based alloys, composite materials, ceramics, high-temperature-resistant steels and plastics, our AEROSPACE team is the perfect place to come for advice.

Our experts will be happy to help you identify the optimum tool.

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