Milling tools with ALUMASTER HICOAT cutting inserts, HSD-R design for radial applications

ALUMASTER High Speed Disc 4-1/2"/5" with HICOAT® Inserts

Technical information
ALUMASTER High Speed Disc 4-1/2"/5" with HICOAT® Inserts

Item number Global part number
Dia. external
4 1/2 Inch
Dia. hole
7/8 Inch
EDP number
RPM to, soft non-ferrous metals
13300 RPM
5/16 Inch
Packaging unit
1 piece

The innovative High Speed Disc ALUMASTER is a unique tool with an extremely high stock removal rate. It is ideal for processing aluminum as it does not generate hazardous or explosive dust. The ALUMASTER includes specially developed tungsten carbide cutting inserts fixed to the High Speed Disc.

Special disc for processing aluminum alloys using an angle grinder. Version with HICOAT® coating for processing particularly demanding materials. Also suited to peripheral milling and milling out root seams. HSD-R version for radial applications.

  • Does not generate hazardous or explosive aluminum dust.
  • Does not require an extraction system.
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to grinding wheels and flap discs of comparable weight.
  • Innovative and robust cut geometry for maximum safety, extreme durability, and ease of work.
  • Specially developed, turnable, and replaceable tungsten carbide cutting inserts.
  • Exceptionally high stock removal rate.
  • Extremely high degree of hardness, very low friction coefficient, very low tendency towards adhesion, improved surface quality, and reduced burr formation, all due to the HICOAT® coating
Recommendations for use
  • The ALUMASTER has been designed primarily for use on aluminum, wrought aluminum alloys, and cast aluminum. It can also machine non-ferrous metals that have a relatively low strength, and it can machine fiber-reinforced plastics. Check this for the specific application on a case-by-case basis.
  • Do not push the disc deep into a workpiece. The milling disc is not a cutting tool.
  • Do not exert unnecessarily high forces on the angle grinder. The ALUMASTER High Speed Disc already works with low forces.
  • When machining workpiece edges, cut along the edge, never across the edge.
  • Do not decelerate the disc while it is touching the workpiece. The cutting inserts may break.
  • HICOAT® coating allows for use on very complex materials like cast aluminum alloys with 5-10% silicon content, sticky and greasy materials, abrasive cast aluminum alloys with a silicon content over 15%, abrasive materials like fibre-reinforced plastics (FVK), and non-ferrous alloys that are stronger than aluminum (bronze, brass, etc.).
Safety notes
  • The flange nut must be tightened with the appropriate tool, such as a face pin wrench. Clamping systems which are designed to be tightened without the use of an additional tool, i.e. which are tightened by hand, should not be used.
  • Tighten the mounting bolts of the cutting inserts using a torque spanner with a tightening torque of 4 Nm. The part number for the 4 Nm torque spanner is 20135.
  • Loose cutting inserts may break during use. Regularly check to make sure they are attached securely.
  • Do not use damaged cutting inserts, they may break.
  • High Speed Disc ALUMASTER HSD-R 4-1/2"/5" HICOAT® including pre-mounted tungsten carbide cutting inserts, TORX key, and plastic box.
Workpiece materials
Fibre-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP, CRP)
Fibre-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP, CRP) with a fibre content > 40 %
Fibre-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP, CRP) with a fibre content ≤ 40 %
Hard aluminium alloys
Hard non-ferrous metal
Soft aluminium alloys
Tough aluminium alloys
Milling out
Root seam processing
Surface work
Work on fillet welds
Work on weld seams
Compatible power tools
Angle grinder
Cordless angle grinder
Stationary machines


recommends the ALUMASTER HICOAT® High Speed Discs for working for long periods with low levels of fatigue, whilst saving resources and achieving perfect results as quickly as possible.


recommends the ALUMASTER HICOAT® High Speed Discs as an innovative tool solution for work on aluminium as they do not generate hazardous or explosive dust.