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02/12/2024 - Product news

The champion when it comes to tool life – the POLIFAN Z 40 SG POWER STEELOX

The new version of the POLIFAN Z 40 SG POWER STEELOX offers users a brand-new grinding experience and an impressive tool life.

05/10/2023 - Product news

Champion in stock removal – the innovative CC-GRIND ROBUST

PFERD presents the modern, high-performance and ergonomic alternative to grinding wheels, flap discs and fibre discs

03/18/2022 - Product news

N! New in 2022

PFERD presents new products and additions to its range for 2022. Customers can look forward to increased performance, more stock removal, perfect work results and much more!

02/15/2021 - Product news

PFERD grinding tools are WOW! – fine grinding and polishing tools from PFERD

From rough to mirror-finish surfaces – get all your tools from a single source!

05/18/2020 - Product news

COMBICLICK – the systematic way to work on many different materials

PFERD offers fibre discs as well as non-woven and felt tools featuring an innovative cooling and quick-clamping system, which allows for a very high stock removal rate and an ultra-fine polish finish. New versions have now been added to the range.

04/29/2020 - Product news

Well packaged! PFERD machinist’s files in protective plastic pouch

PFERD machinist’s files are one of the stalwarts of the PFERD product universe and, in the past and now, are a valued tool that almost every professional in a range of sectors has used from their apprenticeship days.

04/14/2020 - Product news

Easier machining of components with lots of contours

PFERD has extended its catalogue 4 product range with flexible sanding sticks for manual use

04/02/2020 - Product news

Careful rounding with PFERD diamond brushes

Brushes with a diamond trim are ideal for rounding the edges of tungsten carbide tools.

03/26/2020 - Product news

Composite brushes are efficient problem solvers

Modern composite brushes impress with high productivity and consistent manufacturing quality.

03/24/2020 - Product news

Precise ground contact points thanks to a special-purpose tool from PFERD

Together with well-known manufacturers from aircraft construction, PFERD has developed ideal tools for the production of ground contact points.

03/19/2020 - Product news

Drilling and countersinking tools from a single source

PFERD presents a universal range for industry and the trades. It contains spiral drills, step drills, conical countersinks, and flat countersinks in various designs.

03/12/2020 - Product news

New ALUMASTER High Speed Disc generation is available

After the successful introduction of ALUMASTER HSD-F, PFERD now presents the HSD-R type.

03/10/2020 - Product news

News from the high-performance abrasive VICTOGRAIN

PFERD expands the VICTOGRAIN product range in the section of fibre discs

03/04/2020 - Company news

Innovations, highlights and a world première

Ultrafast cutting, the perfect cut, maximum stock removal rate and the quickest tool change – PFERD guarantees the wow factor.

03/01/2020 - Product news

NITOCUT – New Innovative Technology Of Cutting

PFERD presents the world’s first manual cutting system for a peripheral speed of 100 m/s.

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