High-performance tungsten carbide burs for countless applications


  • Optimum stock removal, high aggressiveness, and good guidance.
  • High economic efficiency compared with single and double cut burs.
  • The highly accurate concentricity allows for chatter-free, smooth operating.
  • Significant time savings.
  • Also available with a high-quality HICOAT coating.

PFERD high-performance burs offer quick and efficient solutions for a wide range of materials and applications.



Material-specific tungsten carbide burrs

The material-specific tungsten carbide burrs by PFERD enable maximum stock removal on a wide range of materials. PFERD has developed a different cut for the various different materials.

The user-friendly product designations make it easier to find the right cut for the material that the user wants to work on.


  • Maximum stock removal thanks to specially designed cut.
  • User-friendly product designations.

1 / 8
Burrs with CAST cut allow an extremely high stock removal rate on cast iron.
2 / 8
Burrs with TITANIUM cut are specialists for work on hard titanium materials.
3 / 8
The ALU cut was further developed especially for stock removal on aluminium alloys.
4 / 8
The INOX cut prevents heat discolouration in the material due to the reduced heat generation.
5 / 8
PFERD FVKS burrs with a centre drill allow combined drilling and milling work on plastics and other materials.
6 / 8
PLAST cut burrs with an end cut are particularly suitable for machine and robot applications.
7 / 8
The NON-FERROUS cut is characterized by its extremely high stock removal rate on non-ferrous metals and fibre-reinforced plastics.
8 / 8
The extremely high stock removal rate makes burrs with the STEEL cut impressive, with significant time savings and a high economic value.

Application-specific tungsten carbide burrs

The application-specific tungsten carbide burrs by PFERD enable maximum stock removal for a wide variety of applications.

Users in diverse sectors rely on PFERD’s high-performance burrs for milling out, levelling, deburring or working on weld seams.

No matter whether for tough applications, finishing, or defined work on edges: PFERD has the perfect solution for your applications.

Application-specific tungsten carbide burrs from our high-performance line are available in the following cuts, among others:


  • Maximum stock removal thanks to specially designed cut.
  • The perfect cut for any application.

1 / 7
Burrs with TOUGH cut are also ideal for milling of narrow contours without creating tooth breakages.
2 / 7
The EDGE cut creates exact edge shapes in a single step.
3 / 7
The conical counterbore burr with EDGE cut produces precisely defined chamfers angles of 30° and 45°.
4 / 7
TC burrs with MICRO cut – The stock removal experts for finishing work.
5 / 7
The MICRO cut is used, for example, for corrections in tool and mould construction.
6 / 7
The TOUGH cut has been specially designed for tough operating conditions.
7 / 7
Concave radius burrs for creating exact radii (3 mm outer radii).

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